Thursday, May 27, 2010

twenty-two weeks

 weekly baby survey:)
How far along? 22 weeks. 
Total weight gain/loss: last time it was only + 4 pounds, we'll see 
Sleep: i miss sleep. working means my sleep schedule is messed up, and i'm exhausted.
Best moment this week: i finally got a good bump picture! oh! and we bought her crib, dresser, and changing table:)
Movement: pretty sure she's taken up jujitsu or jazzercise. that, or we made a mexican jumping bean and not a baby girl. she kicks, rolls, punches, headbutts, and moves all day long
Food cravings: pineapple. any kind of juice. goldfishes. cheesecake. oh, and tacos! how could i forget tacos.
Gender: she's still a girl.
Labor Signs: we're too early for that junk!
Symptoms? my prenantals give me the worst heartburn in the world. my boobs are leaky. i'm constantly tired. my face has become an oily prepubescent acnefied mess.
What I miss: sleep. not having to pee every 20 minutes. 
What I am looking forward to: birth, because being pregnant is disgusting and horrible
Milestones: scarlett will be a whole one pound this week and is about 10 inches long. 

my 21.4 week bump. she likes to hide down in my pelvis so most of the time i have no bump, just a lot of squishy-ness.

ignore me, i'm pointless

ohhai there

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